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Steve Teaches Crypto academy is a self-paced community and education portal that has taught student all over the world the fundamentals of cryptocurrency investing and trading. But unlike other communities, discord and telegram groups, you won't be left figring everything out on your own - you'll create knowledge in new crypto gems, build a solid portfolio, avoid scams, build lifelong friendships, and leave with a new perspective for what is possible with cryptocurrency investing and trading.

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Crypto Education

Easy to understand education with demonstrations for everything you need to get you from zero to hero in crypto. This includes how to start, where to start, how to get in early, how to get out early, tax and much much more. 


Easy to follow steps that teach you how to buy, sell, store, transfer, crypto using  centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. You will also learn how to read charts using basic technical analysis,.   


Implement easy to follow security precautions to help you avoid scams, hacks and losing your crypto. Its quite easy to make money in crypto but its not easy to keep it. Learn how to use crypto wallets including software and hardware wallets to keep your crypto safe.


Surround yourself with other people on the same journey interested in making money, supporting each other and growing together to clean up in crypto. You will have access to live calls, masterclasses and group chats to keep you in the know on the latest crypto updates and price action. 

Let me help you connect, learn and grow in the crypto markets

Gold Membership


Gold Membership Benefits 

What you get inside:

Community Support
Our active Discord community connects you with like-minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders.
Weekly Engagement
Participate in weekly live calls for real-time coaching and market scans, plus receive our members exclusive weekly newsletter.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

Extensive Video Library
Gain instant access to over 80 instructional videos, including future updates.
✅ Structured Learning
Progress through 14+ detailed modules at your own pace, learning the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading, technical analysis, and more.
Expert Demonstrations
Watch and learn from video demonstrations to enhance your trading skills.
Resource Toolkit
Utilise cheatsheets, tools and checklists designed to streamline your trading process and boost your results.

*Plus one-time payment $27 joining/setup fee

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1-to-1 Zoom Session


Private 60 min session on zoom

Exclusive One-on-One Coaching: 

Private 60-minute session on Zoom tailored to your needs, focusing on topics such as real-world knowledge, buying and selling strategies, and personalized portfolio support.

Specialized Topics Include:

  • Real World Knowledge
  • Buying Strategies
  • Selling Strategies
  • Wallet Support
  • NFT Support
  • 1-1 Portfolio Review
  • Alt Coin Insights
  • Crypto Investing Mindset

Live Demonstrations: Experience direct demonstrations during your one-on-one sessions to aid in understanding complex concepts and strategies.

Additional Details:


  • Recommended: Complete our comprehensive video course before booking a 1-1 session to ensure you are well-prepared.

Note: Video course is not included in this package.

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Testimonials from Academy Members

"Folks, I have recently signed up with Steve and availed of his 1-1 service, I cannot recommend this guy enough, straight talking, straight forward, he gives you a genuinely honest insight into everything crypto. I have spent a fortune with similar online services in the past and I have genuinely learned more in a few session’s with Steve than the rest combined. Initially I thought the service was a little expensive but in all honesty I’d say it’s too cheap now, for what you can learn and make in such a short timespan, learning to safeguard and bulletproof your investments all based on his knowledge which he :delivers without the frills and time wasting … this is genuinely cheap guys. I wish Steve and all his followers all the success for the future and thanks again Steve delighted to have signed up with you 🤑🤑💵💵🔐🔐:"


"I completed the silver package with Steve. It was very informative and allowed me to have a good understanding of Crypto and what not to do by avoiding pitfalls that are easy stumbled into. Crypto is the wild west and anything you can do to avoid losing your shirt is always good. Highly recommend the course and get yourself into the world of Crypto."


"Excellent course, very helpful especially the 1-1 sessions. Not rushed always does more than an hour too. Talked about how important it is to take profits, gave good strategy on when to take them, realistic price targets. Since then have taken the advice on board and took some nice profits recently."


":Just finished Steves's Gold Crypto Course with personalised 1-1 sessions. Over the last few months, we have gone through Portfolio Diversification, Risk Management, Market Cycles and Timing, Security and Storage, On-chain Analysis with deep dives into chart patterns, trend analysis, volume, and indicators like moving averages, RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), and Fibonacci retracements. Highly recommend Steve for anyone looking to get into crypto for the upcoming bull market. He's responsive to answering questions and always extends sessions beyond the hour""


"Being new to the crypto world and with little or no experience at all I took the decision to subscribe and sign up with Steve . Having been a member for several months now, the knowledge, education, and confidence I have gained already from Steve has grown significantly and I can honestly say that my crypto journey would have been short lived had I not embarked on this journey with the crypto Steve, the online training is the easiest and best I have come across so easy to understand and if you are not sure you can always watch the videos on his online course to refresh yourslef to make sure it right. Steve is always there to help when you need it, I would 💯% recommend him, as him what he offers in his course would take any one 3-4 years to get to where he has got use in 4 hours of online training"


"Amazing course, so much knowledge and value shared in the course! I love how it was broken down and easy to follow step by step! Thank you Steve!"


"I have just finished your crypto course, very informative and very well explained I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really has put me in a better head space to understanding the fundamentals of crypto investing and understanding my best option of investing without the emotional rollercoasters that I have experienced in previous year investments with little understanding. I would highly recommend this to any new beginners as it really is simple to understand and will put you at ease with the knowledge gained as you delve in to the world of crypto investments. Thanks again Steve ! "


"I completed the bitcoin and crypto fundamentals course with Steve teaches Crypto in the summer of this year. He made it so easy to follow with the way the course was layed out. The videos are very informative from start to finish. For myself who didn’t know much about the crypto industry before doing the course, now I know way more about the fundamentals of crypto and how it works. I learned how to set up on an exchange to buy and sell cryptos and how to set stop loss limits and take profit limits and how to self custody bitcoin and other cryptos onto a ledger device. How to watch for scammers, which there are plenty of them out there. If you are thinking of making the jump into the world of crypto it will be the best few quid you will ever spend. Very affordable for the information that you get and Steve is always at the other end of the phone to answer any questions. Superb content and service. Thanks Steve. 👍🏻"


"Having got burnt on NFT before and dappling with crypto on Revolut and etorro I decided to invest into my hobby. I came across Steve’s instagram reels and found his content very informative and understandable. His online course is even better with loads of factual info to give me a better 360 understanding of the crypto market and trends. He then brings all this training together with community pages and zoom sessions with the extended group so we can ask any questions and learn together. This is the start of my crypto journey but I’ll be staying close to Steve as I progress 👌🏻🚀💸💸 "


"I couldn’t recommend Steve enough. After doing his course I’m now confident enough to invest in crypto and have been doing so for the last eight months. He’s doing something I don’t see anyone else doing. He’s giving the regular person the tools to safely enter the crypto space. Join the team and you won’t regret it."


"After following Steve's instagram for a couple of months, I decided to book a one on one appointment. It was definitely the smart thing to do in order to level up my crypto knowledge. He thoroughly answered my questions and was generous with his time. I highly recommend his services."


Learn At Your Own Pace

FAQs about Steve Teaches Crypto Academy

Steve Teaches Crypto Academy is a community and self-paced educational platform dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of cryptocurrency investing and trading. Our community provides members with knowledge about now & where to start in crypto, new crypto opportunities, portfolio building, scam avoidance, how to read charts, how to set up basic trades, researching and finding new crypto alt coins all while making lifelong friendships in the field of cryptocurrency.

Unlike other crypto education communities, I ensure you are not left to figure out everything on your own. My structured environment includes educational video content, live coaching, and a supportive community that guides you through every step of your cryptocurrency journey.

You'll learn how to identify investment opportunities, execute trades, manage and secure your cryptocurrency assets. Members gain access to over 80 videos across 14 modules covering topics such as basic trading, technical analysis, alt-coins and microcap gems. I will take you from zero to hero in the crypto space, giving you the confidence to manage your own portfolio. 

New modules and video content are continuously being developed and released to keep our curriculum up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the cryptocurrency world. Additionally, live coaching and market scan calls are held regularly to address current market dynamics.

YES!! My academy is tailored to individuals at all levels of cryptocurrency knowledge, from complete beginners to more experienced traders. The step-by-step educational approach and supportive community make it easy for anyone to start and advance in their crypto investment journey.

You're free to cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings, and you won't be billed thereafter. However, once you experience the benefits, you may not want to leave. Trust me, it's worth it!

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